First, The Indie Handbook needs a logo. If you’ve got one, e-mail us. We can’t promise you compensation or fame and fortune (though we’re more than willing to ride your coattails), but we’ll tell people you made it.

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Now, album reviews require time and money, resources often in short supply for those of us with real jobs. We intend to keep them coming, but we feel you, our readers (both of you), deserve more than the one or two entries we manage weekly. So, in the in between times, we will be directing you to the myspace pages and whatever else of artists who have caught our attention recently. Here, you will find the real indies as well as the majors from countries you’ve never heard of whose albums have not been released in the States and are thus too expensive for us to obtain legally. These posts will also be shorter (if I can relinquish my Dickensian grasp on the English language). (This feature needs a name, so send those suggestions along as well.)

So, what better way to start off than with my friends from Super Desserts (ok, so they’re not my friends yet, but maybe someday). I caught them opening for the Ladybug Transistor last Thursday and was duly impressed. Their 21 track CD (in clever 7-inch-vinyl-like packaging), Barefoot in the Disenchanted Forest (a review is forthcoming), has been on infinite repeat in my car and on my mp3 player since then. But how to describe them? Imagine the scope and intricacy of Fleet Foxes with the wry charm of Ingrid Michaelson. Add to that ukulele, bass clarinet, glockenspiel, and sundry other instruments and you will begin to have some idea of the musical menagerie that is Super Desserts. It all sounds a bit much, but trust me, it works, just check out their myspace (I am a particular fan of “Four Seasons” and “Funeral”). Better yet, you local Columbus-ites, catch them live. They will be at Used Kids Records on 18 April for National Independent Record Store Day. It promises to be another great show. I know I’ll be there.