OMG It’s Ricky Berger’s First Album!

Who is Ricky Berger?  A fantastic singer/songwriter from Sacramento who has just put out her first album with Cupidon Records, and how convenient that her album is called Ricky Berger’s First Album!

This girl’s music is rockin’.  She writes, sings, whistles, yodels, and plays about a million instruments including piano, guitar, accordion, ukulele, organ, banjo, xylophone, flute, violin, and my personal favorite, mouth trumpet.  She’s got a Judy Garland/Ingrid Michaelson (interesting mix, right?) kind of feel and an indescribable voice with a cute, subtle lisp that truly sets her apart.  Plus, Jens Lekman likes her, so that’s got to say something.

You can check out her myspace here, I particularly enjoy her grandparents’ little addition on “Okle My Dokle”–it’s absolutely adorable.  And, here’s the music video for her song “If.”  Does that guy look like Carrot Top or what?