Little My just a little while longer…

Little My's Ninth

It’s unfortunate that I came upon Little My too late in the game to amass the Collected Works along with the rest of you. Their plan to release a song beginning with each letter of the alphabet before disbanding is quickly coming to an end. To further complicate things, hard copies of most of their releases are now sold out, so backfilling isn’t even an option. Learn from my mistakes, kids.

The band, ablaze with some of the brightest lights of the brilliant Cardiff indie scene (this time including members of The School, Silence at Sea, and Gindrinker), is set to release their penultimate project, Little My’s Ninth on Monday, 22 February. This time round, the EP is available for preorder from Bubblewrap Collective (remember their stellar 12 Days of Christmas compilation?). However, if downloads are your thing, those will be available from most major distributors in late March.

Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, these four tweegaze pop gems (emphasis on the twee) feature the cheery melodies and often cynical lyrics you’ve come to expect from Little My. “Bears in the Air” is a good example of this, though my favourite track, “Upsticks & Carry On”, is a straight up boy/girl quirky ukulele tune (“Hey, which planet are you on now a million miles away? / I’ll use gravity and satellites to make you stay”).

This is one EP not to be missed, though I would recommend getting your hands on one soon, as only 200 copies will be made and few are likely to be left when the band play their last show in Cardiff next month (9 March).


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