is there anybody out there?

I did not draw this but somebody did.  (Its the EP cover!)
I did not draw this but somebody did. (It's the EP cover!)

I am not a poet, really, but I at least consider myself to be a writer, so I’m capable, you know, just not like freaking Tennyson or anything.  I actually have only written two poems I’ve ever liked because I have very high standards, and one of them was last October (which by the way was almost a year ago), and one of them was a couple nights ago as I was listening to the Subhuman’s new 7″, Sur la Route. (now THAT is French…please tell me I’m right this time…)  I already had a special corner of my heart reserved for the Subhuman after listening during Dutch Week, but with Sur la Route and my brand new little poem which I will not be posting out of insecurity, I am expanding his corner to … something else that’s better than a corner.

Sur la Route = five lovely, sort-of-sad songs.  What I love about the Subhuman is Stefan’s ability to craft his songs –he knows how to piece together beautiful layers of melody & harmony, of guitar & vocals & casio, rising and falling in all the right places.  Also, if you know me, you know how I don’t like sad things very much because they make me depressed, so I hesitate to call these songs sad (hence the “sort-of-sad”).  They are sort of sad, but they are mostly the kind of sad that comforts you, especially when it’s late or raining and you’re looking for something to connect with and warm you up.  Like Damien Rice, or Jaymay, or hot chocolate.  Plus, the lyrics are fantastic– vulnerable, which let’s be honest, we could all use a little more of, and not at all manufactured–as are Stefan’s vocals.  Add some cracks from the vinyl and you’ve got yourself an EP of raw/ethereal perfection.  The perfect combination.  My only complaint…is that it ends too soon.   And, in case you’re wondering, my favorites are “Arrows” which happens to be only 50 seconds of loveliness, and “The Lake” which you can hear on the Subhuman’s myspace page. Check out Snowstar Records’ website for purchasing info.

P.S. The Subhuman is also part of Lost Bear, another Dutch band I hope to review ASAP…as soon as I get the file to transfer!

P.P.S.  Watch this video!  Looks a bit like Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords on the right, doesn’t it?


5 thoughts on “is there anybody out there?

  1. we (lost bear) will release our debut album in march.
    maybe you can find some time to review our first ep before that? 🙂

    listen to it here:


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