Malta Week, Mondays, and Surprises!

Welcome to Monday, guys!  (fyi, “Welcome to Monday” is a song by the folk group “The Owls”.  I will review them eventually, but in anticipation, you may check out their myspace.) Thanks for joining us for Malta Mayhem!  This week we discovered that Maltese music really does have very distinct qualities, from reggae/ska to more electronic/grunge.  If it wasn’t your thing, we forgive you, and you have the rest of The Indie Handbook to look forward to.   Actually, you have something *specifically* very special to look forward to this week, and because it is Eric’s news, I am going to let him tell you when he posts next.  No, he is not pregnant.  Let’s just say, he’s going to a show tonight, and he may or may not be having a conversation with a person there.  I’ll leave it at that.

So, to wrap up Malta Mayhem, we have created a Youtube mix for you.  It includes nosnow/noalps, the  Beangrowers, Brikkuni, and Danjeli–there’s a little somethin’ for everyone, y’all!  Sorry you have to click on the link (I know, soooo difficult, right?) but the embedding is just not working out for me.

Also, just because it’s Monday and I’m pretty excited about the possibility of playlists, here’s one to help you get through (the rest) of your Monday. Not particularly work appropriate, depending, of course, on your place of employment. Also, I prefer it on shuffle.


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