Follow An Indie Band Wednesday!

Well here we are, another Wednesday, another FAIBW! In case you’re not hip with the acronyms and/or twitter, FAIBW is Follow An Indie Band Wednesday on Twitter (search #faibw and find tons of great music!)…and I’m sorry you failed to celebrate it! Good thing we’re here to catch you up with the highlights!

Among many great artists, you will find some of my faves of the day…

What Made Milwaukee Famous
So What Made Milwaukee Famous isn’t completely unknown (finding the unknowns is the best thing about FAIB), but they’re still a great indie folk rock band! I’m digging the call and response on “Sweet Lady” (call & response always makes for a great drinking song) and “Sultan” has great line…is that a music majory thing to say? I’m loving the keyboard! And the driving bass line!

Nicole Atkins & The Sea

I’m not sure if I should have heard of Nicole Atkins before or not, but now I have and I am loving her voice! It is beautiful, rich, and chock full of emotion–if I had to make a comparison, I could point to Fiona Apple or Aimee Mann but I’d rather not, because she really is incredibly unique. Her voice + what sounds like a full orchestra behind her = Broadway for indie rock [in a good way]. I’m not sure if she was classically trained or not, but lord she sounds fabulous. American Idol can suck it. Check out “Maybe Tonight” and “The Way It Is.”

The Gin Riots

The Gin Riots have a dancey London Saturday night feel, and if BritPowerPop is a genre, I guess that’s what they are?  They remind me a bit of the Kooks, but less manufactured.  I love when a band provides release…don’t get me wrong, twee is fabulous, but there’s something to be said for pure catharsis, and The Gin Riots definitely provide that.  My faves are “Pretty Little Things” and “I Didn’t Mean It.”

Yves Klein Blue
Yves Klein Blue only has 3 songs on their myspace, but those 3 songs are enough to tell me that they are going somewhere, and there will definitely be more to come.  Their lyrics are sassy which is always fantastic, and they’re from Australia, so Michael Tomlinson’s accent adds something to the overall aesthetic that we Americans just love.  As for the music, the genre could be classified simply as indie rock, but they’ve got a dancey, throwback feel.  Keep your eyes and ears open (we will too!) because their debut album comes out late June!  Also, they’ve got an advert on their myspace that says “Want us to play a gig at your house party?”  Um, yes.  Will you fly to the States to play for my house party slash wedding?  Mmkthat’dbegreatthanks. 

That’s all for this week, folks!  Thanks for listening!  Tune in next week!!


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