Talk about a Joy Formidable

First off, The Indie Handbook is now on Twitter. So go, sign on and follow us. We will let you know every time we find something cool. Every time. (This is sanctioned stalking, you won’t get many opportunities like this.) (mind the alternate spelling)

Now, there is one band that we two are particularly jazzed about (well, I think Kristin is jazzed, she introduced me to them, I am positively giddy):

The Joy Formidable.

You will likely read several posts about them in the future because I am delerious with, well, joy over this band. Their album A Balloon Called Moaning (in clever poster packaging) has been out for a few months and, around 5:07 on any given weekday afternoon, you can expect to find me stuck in traffic, blasting “Cradle” or “Austere” with the windows down. I will eventually have a review of the album for you, once I can decipher the lyrics.

I received word today, however, that their third single, “Whirring”, will be out 25 May on 7″ vinyl. The single (along with some nice extras) is available for pre-order now. I’ve placed my order. You had best do the same, the first two singles sold out, I believe. You can watch the official video for “Whirring” (which is brilliant) on the band’s MySpace or their YouTube channel, but here is a live performance I am particularly fond of. I once went to a Los Campesinos! show that ended like this. It must be a Welsh thing. I love the Welsh.


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