More bands for your CMF schedule

If you missed part one, read it here. Or, if you’re on the homepage, just scroll down.

There are over 800 bands playing at CMF this week. Did you honestly think that I would be able to keep all my recommendations confined to a single post? Of course not. Here are some more. Get these on your schedule. Now.

Maylee Todd & Pegwee Power
Toronto, ON
Performing: Revival, Friday @ 8:45PM
Supermarket, Friday @ 1:00AM

Part of a strong lineup of early sets at Revival Friday night, Maylee Todd and special brand of indie soul promise to deliver one crushing set on Friday night. Just look at that promo photo. How could you ever be disappointed with that. And if you can’t make the early show, she’s playing again in the wee hours.

Vidulgi OoyoO
Seoul, South Korea
Performing: Clinton’s, Thursday @ 12:30AM

Some breathtaking Korean shoegaze that hearkens back to the early days of My Bloody Valentine. Those who find themselves at Clinton’s Thursday night are liable to have their hearts stolen. Just don’t swoon too much. I can’t promise anyone will have the presence of mind to catch you.

Nottingham, UK
Performing: Painted Lady, Friday @ 1:00AM

YUNIOSHI are the whole reason I’ll even be in Toronto this week. It’s not everyday one of Britain’s most exciting robofunk bands plays a North American show. And when they do—if you’re me at least—you make sure you’re in the audience. I wrote about how much I love YUNIOSHI a few weeks ago, so you can go back and read that if you want more details. And if you’re not the reading type, well, just watch the video. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

The Zoobombs
Tokyo, Japan
Performing: Bait Shop, Saturday @ 3:30PM
Comfort Zone, Saturday @ 1:00AM

The Zoobombs have, apparently, been around for ages. Long enough, at least, that I am ashamed to say that this is the first I’ve heard of them. But their psychedelic hyper-rock has got me hooked.

White White Sisters
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Performing: Painted Lady, Saturday @ 1:00AM

Another one from Japan. And another one I’ll be sad to miss. Hovering somewhere in between metal and electronica, White White Sisters are high on blistering technique and breakneck speed—something I can only characterise as musical sublimation. I can’t say I know for sure how that would physically present, but the metaphor sounds pretty bang on to me.

Fever Fever
Norwich, UK
Performing: Rivoli, Saturday @2:00 A.M.

Another one of my UK favourites. Art punk monsters from one of my favourite little labels, Cherryade Records, Fever Fever are tearing a path through North America on their way to SXSW leaving a trail of burning stages and broken hearts in their wake. It’s a late show, but I reckon you’ll have forgotten all about that by the time you’ve heard this.


Introducing: Yunioshi

I first heard Yunioshi last year over a stretch of time when Tom Robinson was giving their song ‘Believe It’ frequent airplay on his 6Music Introducing show only to add a second track, ‘Ctrl’ to the mix a few weeks later. The Notts quartet play a particular hybrid of electrofunk and robot rock that is at once highly original and impossible to forget. And, more recently, I’ve spent the last few weeks lurking around SoundCloud listening to all their posted tracks whenever possible.

In recent months, the band have continued to gig around the UK while also playing the Iceland Airwaves festival and making their mark in North America including a booking for next month’s Canadian Music Week in Toronto (and yes, I do plan to make the trip across the border to be there for it). You can get a taste for their live shows through their handful of YouTube videos and with this free download of the live version of ‘Ctrl’. But even those won’t provide a complete picture of the Yunioshi live experience. Did I mention the band also have a reputation for providing fresh baked goods for those who attend their gigs? No, seriously. There’s cake.

The band have released an EP—How To Survive a Robot Uprising—and a couple of free tracks (including the live version of ‘Ctrl’ as well as a cover of Shakira’s ‘She Wolf‘). Rumor has it, there may be some more old tracks made available for free in the near future. But—and this is of the utmost importance—the band have just jumped on the Bandcamp bandwagon, which means I can embed the Robot Uprising EP right here and you can have a go at it right now. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll spin this at least a dozen times before you go to bed tonight and then buy it so you can take it with you everywhere you go tomorrow. While you’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and check out their appearance on air with Tom Robinson and this video from the How To Survive a Robot Uprising EP launch. Trust me, you’ll want to.

Yunioshi will be in and around Notts a few times in February (ok, twice in Nottingham, once in London), but if you’re in the Toronto area (or anywhere in North America, really) why don’t you come hang out with us at CMW.

P.S. If you know a place in Toronto where the band can rent or borrow a guitar and possibly a keyboard stand for CMW, get in touch with the band on Facebook or Twitter (or just email/tweet me and I’ll do it). Thanks. You’re cool.