Go die, kid.

I had planned to liveblog the new St. Vincent album, Actor, which came out today. But it was sold out everywhere I looked. That makes me happy, but I am still annoyed. I will just have to pick up a copy  before the Manchester Orchestra show I am going to tomorrow.

In retrospect, I could have just picked up the new Camera Obscura and blogged that one instead, but the thought did not occur to me until I got home because I am an idiot.

During my Actor quest, I parked next to a silver Jaguar XK8. Sexy car. Almost as sexy as this blog. But more money than I was planning to spend on the CD, so I didn’t buy that either.

So, since I didn’t have anything else prepared, you are getting a label spotlight from me tonight.

Go Die Kid Records is a small upstart based in Columbus, OH. In the interest of full disclosure, you ought to know that I do happen to know one of the owners (he makes my coffee). Before listening, I asked my friend if they specialise in any particular sort of music. He told me that, as long as they like the music and they are cool people, they will represent them. I like that attitude. I also like the music because I did, in fact, listen to it. Here are a few of the highlights, but check out Go Die Kid on MySpace for the full roster.

Steamboat: Strikingly sparse. Check out “What did I do so long ago”

Civil War Generals: Not quite as stripped down as Steamboat, but with a distinct Appalachian folk sound. Think “Sacred Harp”. Plus, how many other bands do you know that prominently feature photographs of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman on their MySpace pages? Try “Footprints in the Snow”.

RUM TUM: Experimental, ambient, instrumental. Not quite IDM type complexity, but I really dig this stuff. See: “Sea Pods”

I Am Mute: This music (kind of folksy with nice harmonies, violin, and glockenspiel) makes me happy and is not lacking in occasional outbursts of passion on numbers like “Tall Tales of Taller Giants”