Why yes, we are enjoying the ride with a ‘g’

Hello everyone, we hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year wherever in the world you may be!  That is somewhat belated, but there it is.  Tonight, I am proud to present The Quelle Source, who we previously covered quite briefly on FAIBW.  You remember, I thought they were French or something, but their name is actually German.  More on that later.  FAIBW has gotten away from us recently, but The Quelle Source has not, and now they have released their debut LP, called Enjoy the Ridge.

I’m very excited about this band, and about the flashbacks I’ve been having recently to my middle school punk-loving days.  It wasn’t really real punk, I don’t think–I don’t really know anything about the punk movement, to be honest–it was just MxPx and whatever they played occasionally on the radio.  But I loved it/liked it a lot because my mother would not allow me to love it, and there’s an element to some of the music I’ve been listening to this past year that reminds me of those days.  It’s the energy.  The energy is there, and a little bit of angst, and the feeling of wildness & freedom…but it’s now much more mature and backed by perhaps more training and just plain musical validity than the stuff I used to listen to as a bitty little 12-year old trying to be cool.

That’s what makes The Quelle Source incredible.  Enjoy the Ridge is alive, and it makes you want to see them live  because you know it would be an awesome show.  I would love to see them with Born Ruffians, for that matter.  So, their energy makes them awesome, plus the super cool guitar riffs (“OT5”), the fact that their album title is a sarcastic jab at their neighborhood (I so want to record an album for the sole purpose of saying that I hated my neighborhood and stupid high school also), their proven ability to slow it down (“Wives’ Tale”), the lead singer’s sweet voice, and the angsty lyrical genius reminiscent of Dear & the Headlights or the Format.  I love intelligent songwriters, especially after listening to Britney Spears on the radio this afternoon (who would have thought she’d come back?).  Honestly, I would probably listen to the same couple chords over and over again if the lyrics said something brilliant…thankfully, because of bands like this, I don’t have to make that kind of sacrifice.

Here’s another reason we know they are intelligent–thanks to Dan for picking up on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_document.  I guess technically we don’t know if they intended that or not, but we’ll just go with a yes, they did.

My favorite tracks on the album are, for their sound and for the sharp lyrics, “That’s What Bees Said,” “State Line,” and “Escalation.”  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you, like me, have a special place in your heart for fake punk (is MxPx real?) or music you listened to in years past and have since abandoned, maybe you can put down that torch and jump on board with The Quelle Source.

I believe you can hear all, or at least a lot, of their album streaming here.  You can also buy it, though.  We like when people buy things.

I have a headache

Why don’t these drafts save themselves?  Then, when 10000 people are trying to talk to you on Facebook, and you are trying to write, and every time a new person says something to you the stupid post tries to delete itself, it won’t succeed, because it will be saved.  But no, I write half a post and the freaking thing deletes itself.  It was a nice post too, and I was actually trying, despite the fact that I am tired and lazy and I have plans with my sister tonight.  So forgive me, but I’m feeling a bit…spastic.

Anyway, its faibw, and that means follow an indie band wednesday, or maybe it can mean other things if you want it to.  Whatever, people, it’s your world and it’s the internet, so it’s whatever the crap you want it to be.  Freedom.

Here is your first band: The Quelle Source.  I don’t actually have to say anything about this band because they have French in their name, and therefore their goodness speaks for itself.  Wait, it isn’t French.  It’s German.  But seriously, I have some trouble with languages, like when I thought “Dance Serene” by The Hard to Get had French in it but it was actually Portugese and then I just felt silly because oh good lord, I took a few semesters of French and really should be able to decipher these things, but you know, this is just proof that I need to stop working and start learning because every day that I stare at a computer screen and answer phones, my brains are withering away to dust and they will fall out of my ears and cover the ground and become one with the earth.  I guess that’s not so bad.  Anyway, The  Quelle Source is a bit more emo than we are usually discussing, but they aren’t actually emo, I’m just trying to give you some sort of context (and failing, I admit it).  Maybe this is better–the first time I listened to them, they reminded me of Guster’s Ruby Falls, and now I am starting to hear differences (like when you see someone for the first time and they remind you of someone else you know but the more you get to know them, the more you’re like, actually they don’t look like that person at all).  The lead singer’s voice kind of sounds like Adam Gardner though.  Anyway, I don’t know, listen to “Onna’s Lullaby” because it is beautiful.

[this is where I hit “save draft” so I don’t lose it again]

[holy crap you are not going to believe this–it happened again–thank god i saved it]

I have a lot to say about this next band.  Toy Horses, hello, I am not only going to talk about your music (shocker) but I am also going to ask a favor of you.  When I was in Wales for a weekend during my semester in London (these guys are from Cardiff!), I was supposed to make it to Cardiff and I did not.  The reason I did not make it is because I was horseback riding (umm, ponyback riding?) somewhere in the middle of Caerphilly and Cardiff, and I fell off, and I had to spend 3 (THREE!) nights in a Welsh hospital because I broke my wrist and had to get surgery, and I am even debating uploading a picture of myself with my bright pink cast and/or just a picture of my badass scar to prove it, but right now I think that is kind of a weird idea.  Maybe I’ll put it on Facebook, only for our fans.  Anyway, I think it is interesting that you are from Wales and your name is Toy Horses and I am just wondering if maybe you could somehow make it up to me, for instance, can I come hang out with you in Wales?  I’m done talking in second person now, and I will talk about music.  Muchos gracias.  Merci beaucoup.  Love, Kristin.   But seriously (not that that wasn’t serious), Toy Horses is fantastic.  Quirky but radio-friendly indie pop…”uke-fuelled,” which is never a bad thing.  The lyrics are lovely and charming, and the acoustic style is, well, just what I like.  “Last Chance” is probably my favorite.  Because I’m a bit of a sap.

Finally we have Essay Like Nephew.  Essay Like Nephew is wonderfully chill, a smidge ethereal, and at one point I was like, hmm he sounds like Alan Rickman (at least on “China Pop”) and while let’s be honest, have you ever heard anyone who sounds like Alan Rickman?, he’s got a really fantastic voice.  I appreciate the quirky lyrics and the folk influence, and also the free downloads!  This is definitely a talented group.  Go get you some free music.

Well, I know this is full of more stories and random bullcrap than you ever wanted, but seriously, listen to these bands and don’t read my ridiculous writing.  You should read Eric’s last post, though.