Introducing the Kabeedies, whom you already know

Photo by: whoever took it
Photo by: whoever took it

If you are the sort of person who actually reads through your Facebook “updates” inbox, and you have already read the sad excuse for a newsletter I sent out on Friday, then you have already heard that the Kabeedies will be releasing their debut LP in November. If not, now you have. However, I realized today that I have been remiss in every actually mentioning the Kabeedies here.

I have been listening to the Kabeedies (I never know, do you capitalize the “T” in “the”?) all summer. They popped up on one of our stations back in May and I have not been able to get that sound out of my head. At first glance, the Kabeedies seem to share the qualities of certain other acts a person might be inclined to label “twee”, or the even more meaningless “indie”: namely, a cute girl up front, sharing vocals with a boy or two. But, really, they are “twee” in much the same way Los Campesinos! are, which is, not really at all. In reality, they’ve got a lot more in common with the world of punk than the Belle & Sebastian-laden Glaswegian scene. (Certain fans will be unwilling to acknowledge these influences for fear that admitting an affinity for anything punkish will require the shaving of their tragically beautiful emo hair into fluorescent mohawks.)

Actually, the Kabeedies have a lot in common with Los Campesinos! (or, reaching back into the 80s, the Sugarcubes), not so much the impenetrably nihilistic lyrics of LC!, but the generally frenetic style and the boy/girl vocal doubling, check out “Little Brains” and “Treasure Hunting” if you need proof. “Palindromes” demonstrates a soft spot for linguistic curiosity (“Both my parents are palindromes / M-U-M and D-A-D”) while “Lovers Ought To” provides a glimpse at a relationship through the window of social networking: “messing about with MySpace poses / and we try to show affection, buying plastic roses”.

Since I first heard the Kabeedies this spring, I’ve checked back every few weeks to see if there was any word on an LP. And, finally, my OCD has borne fruit. Hopefully, we will be able to take a closer look at the album in the coming weeks before and give you a better idea of what’s in store. For now, there are a couple of singles, an EP, and a handful of (different) tracks on MySpace and For now, have a listen and catch them on tour (UK only) in October.