dance dance revolution

Hi, dear readers.  I’m really sorry that I have been slacking in my posts lately.  However, I promise that on Saturday I will have something to show for it (not that you really care about our personal lives, but we like to bring them up constantly anyway), and that is…I will no longer be Kristin Garrett!  I’ll be Kristin Williams.  Please get used to this.  I guess I’ll have to change our “About Us” stuff.

Anyway, with Eric being gone for a bit, and me being gone for a longer bit, I want to remind you guys who volunteered to write guest posts that… we want them!  And are pretty excited about them, actually.  So, send em along to and we swear we won’t hack them to shreds (or really edit them at all, I don’t think.  I mean, it’ll be Eric doing the posting, but neither of us have much desire to edit.)

Ok, mostly I’m just going to be rambling tonight.  I have been busy with wedding stuff and haven’t been doing too much listening to anything new, and I owe Lost Bear a post, but I want to devote more time than I have had to listening and writing it.  So, here is my rambling.  I’m using my an ipod for the dance music at the reception…not my ipod, because it conveniently BROKE…but I have come to realize in the past couple months that I’m not a huge dance music fan.  I mean, I like it, but usually I opt for something a bit more laid-back, maybe folkish.  And then also, Eric knows how to dance the *real* way, but all I know how to do is move around, and sort of skank from when I went through a ska phase.  So I went through my itunes and the best I could come up with was sort of a bizarre assortment…the Ting Tings, the White Stripes, the Raveonettes, Blondie, Billy Idol, the Rumble Strips, and some Verve Remixes.  Also, I am nervous to admit (why are we always admitting things?) that Beyonce, M.I.A., and Vampire Weekend are on my list, and they are there because I actually like them.

Anyway, so I’m taking suggestions for dance music that doesn’t suck.  I’ve been “doing some research” or whatever, and everyone seems to love MGMT, Bloc Party, Cut Copy, that sort of thing, and I have to say that I don’t hate these bands, but I also don’t really love them.  Not for my wedding.  I do like Black Kids, though.  Anyway, if you have any suggestions for something a bit *happier* and a bit less generic, that’d be cool, and I’m also down with generic if it’s good.  In the meantime, you can watch this video of Kate Nash covering Beyonce.

On a completely different note, you can watch Peter Mulvey being a badass folk singer and amazing lyricist.