My new radio pen pal

You may have picked up on this if you obsessively track everything that happens on Twitter (not that that’s something I’ve never not done), but I’ve got a new pen pal. A radio pen pal, that is. Every few weeks, I’ll be doing a bit on Bethan Elfyn’s Amazing Radio show along with Rich from The Line of Best Fit and Mélanie from CISM 89.3 in Montréal (we’ll be taking it in turns, one each week). I’ll talk for a couple of minutes about what I’ve been listening to (which won’t always be stuff from the blog) then we’ll play a couple of songs.

I’ve already recorded my first thing, which will air this coming Sunday (the 15th of July). This time out, we’ll have some new stuff from some old friends, which I think you’re really gonna like. I know I can’t get it out of my head. And I apologize in advance. When I get really enthusiastic about something, I have a tendency to speak somewhat quickly (because I want to tell everyone ALL THE THINGS!). But this is my first real radio thing. I promise I’ll get better.

Beth’s show airs at noon (UK time) on Sundays. But no worries, North Americans! For those of you who, like me, prefer not to drag yourself out of bed before 2PM on a Sunday, the show will be available to listen after the broadcast. I’ll get you that link when I have it. I hope you’ll check it out. If you’re not already familiar with Amazing Radio, it’s a pretty great format with a lot of fantastic music and Bethan Elfyn is one cool lady who always knows what’s up.

Oh, and since this is a music blog, here’s some music for you. Have you seen these live videos of Allo Darlin’ in San Francisco a couple of years ago? I didn’t know they existed until last night, but there are, like, six of them and the sound quality is really good. Also check out the new Allo Darlin’ album, Europe, if you haven’t already. I’m listening to it right now and it’s great, which is no surprise, since greatness is pretty much all Elizabeth Morris is capable of.

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