Going apeshit over Brahms and Sufjan: an interview with Nadia Sirota

yMusic at Ecstatic Music Fetival (photo by David Andrako)

I know you’re all probably tired of hearing me go on and on about how much I love yMusic and how, every time I see them, it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. Unfortunately for those who feel that way, I saw yMusic again last week at the Ecstatic Music Festival. And, once again, it was pretty effing awesome. So, while I take my travel day to think up some new metaphors to describe how much I love yMusic, you can read this interview I did with violist Nadia Sirota for an article that appeared in the Risk and Consequence zine in October of 2011 (it’s on page 30).

It’s a pretty decent interview by my standards. We discuss yMusic’s new album Beautiful Mechanical, as well as their work on My Brightest Diamond’s All Things Will Unwind and the myriad other artists they collaborate with, and how dumb it is when people make declarations like “classical music is dead”. Anyway, here it is: [Read: Beautiful Mechanical: an interview with Nadia Sirota of yMusic]

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