Wonky pop!

No, this isn’t about Alphabeat (as much as I really do love them). But things are going to be a bit wonky around here for the next month to six weeks while I work on several guest posts for other blogs and this opera libretto I agreed to write back in October. Oh, and I’ll also be working on a new website—a real, functioning one with separate pages for news and reviews and interviews and features and the like instead of an endless haphazard stream of what’s on my mind and in my inbox much like the blog is now and this sentence has been.

Maybe, I’ll even have a little bit of a merch section with some badges and t-shirts for you all to promptly not buy and leave gathering dust in my bedroom. (That up there on the left is a rough version of the new logo thing designed about a year ago by the inimitable Brittney Dunn—whose birthday was last week and who I really ought to pay already.)

In the meantime, I’ll be making a more concerted effort to post news, mp3s, photos, new songs and videos on Tumblr. Things here won’t go completely silent. I’ve been promised a few guest posts and have a couple features of my own lined up You will, of course, be updated via Facebook, Twitter, and your various RSS feeds when those things happen.

And, just to reward you for reading this, here are a few tracks that have been keeping me busy lately.

And there’s this brand new one from The Secret Love Parade.

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