For Autumn Comets, moments are years

foto por Alejandro Sanchez Albentosa y Raquel Rodriguez.

According to MySpace, Autumn Comets are a folk rock band. Autumn Comets are not a folk rock band. They’re are probably best described as post-something, but I’ve never really been sure what that means so I am just going to have to create my own classification. Autumn Comets (from Madrid) are a good band.

Their music initially comes across as a wall of sound, but closer listening (at the right volume), the true nature of the music reveals itself. Awash in swirling guitars, doubling glockenspiel, and soaring countermelodies, the songs prove considerably more complex than cursory listen will demonstrate.

[You may have noticed that I appear to be running out of things to say. That’s not far from the truth, really. As with every other band I’ve listened to in conjunction with La Fiesta Roja, all the information I have been able to find is in Spanish—a language I neither speak nor understand. At this point, I would normally regale you with a little anecdote about the band or a scathing remark about another scathing remark someone else has made. But I have no idea what anyone else thinks of this band, because I can’t read it.]*

In the grand scheme of things, however, it’s probably for the best, because this is music that speaks for itself (especially since the lyrics speak in English). So head to MySpace and let the music swirl around you. Or, if you’ve grown to despise MySpace as much as I have, you can listen to the full album here (though you will, unfortunately, have to play each track individually). Also, you could watch the video I’ve posted below.

*Before you accuse me of being an “ignorant American”, you should know that I do speak/understand other languages to varying degrees of efficacy. Spanish, however, is not one of them. No one can speak every language (though I do have a Dutch friend who speaks five and can read two more—she’s kind of amazing).


3 thoughts on “For Autumn Comets, moments are years

    1. Obviously, we don’t get many opportunities to see Autumn Comets play here in the States and the audio quality on the videos I was able to find was not impressive, but I am perfectly willing to take your word for it. They really are great, aren’t they? I hope they do play here someday.

  1. Hey Eric! First I want to say thank you for your kind words! and as the half american/half spanish member of the band, I feel obliged to send you a Bio in english as soon as I can! We will be releasing our new album in september, it will contain a song with the collaboration of Micah P. Hinson, and we are very excited about it. I hope I can send you that Bio soon!

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