Lisa Mitchell

These days I’ve been feeling very specific in my musical needs…and I like it that way.  Sometimes I am flighty, seeking blindly for something to appease my musical hunger.  I make mixes which all fail to please me.  Right now, however, I know exactly what I want.  And it makes me happy.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been shifting back and forth between our beloved Regina Spektor, Lisbee Stainton, Jaymay, and my newfound fave female artists, Lisa Mitchell and Jenny O.  There’s just something about that folk/pop I can’t help but love.  And I used to hate female vocalists, too!  No more of that. 

I’m not sure that Lisa Mitchell really counts as indie anymore, since she’s signed with Warner and she won some awards in Australia, but I’m going to go for it anyway.  It looks to me like maybe in the UK and Australia, people know her, but we have readers in America too, right?  And when I’m not sure, I’d really rather just put it out there and make sure it’s been said.

Lisa Mitchell is great.  I’ve been listening to Wonder on repeat.  There, I said it.

No offense to her, but “Lisa Mitchell” is a pretty boring name, not at all reflective of her music.  With a voice that’s sugary sweet like Zooey or Kate Nash, a lovely folk/pop sound, and unassuming, thoughtful lyrics, Lisa’s music is perfect for these warmer days.  I was first introduced to “Coin Laundry” from Wonder (“there I was sitting on the top of the world/In a coin laundry/Well I could have been royalty/sitting in the palace like a queen”) and I was hooked by her creative use of percussion, which is kind of a weird thing to be hooked by, I guess.  But seriously, several tracks on Wonder feature really interesting percussive effects (“Oh! Hark,” “Red Wine Lips,” “Sidekick”…all in a row!).  I also love her whistling and fantastic layered BGV’s.

When it comes down to it, most of her songs are just plain playful, putting a lovely folk spin on Aussie pop, not quite as sassy as Kate Nash, but just as adorable.  However, she sometimes dips a little into folk/rock, spicing up the album with “heavier” guitar and harmonica on tunes like “So Jealous” and “Sidekick.”  Beyond the bubbly pop tunes and the spice, Lisa also gives us tender, affecting songs as “Pirouette” and “Love Letter,” impressing us with the sweet sincerity of her lyrics– “come lay down in the water/we’re all sons and daughters/rest your head on the altar.”

So, listen to Wonder.  Also, watch this video.  ALSO, am I the only one who thinks she looks like Audrey?

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