In celebration of record stores

Happy Monday After Record Store Day. I hope you all managed to make it out on Saturday to support your local record store and pick up some super-limited editions. As you probably know by now, even in our one-track-at-a-time download culture, Kristin and I still love the feel and artwork and real-ness of albums more than any assortment of ones and zeroes itunes might be willing to sell you (at an absurd markup, no less).

So, what did you do for Record Store Day. Were you one of the lucky 1000 who managed to survive the crowds and snag a copy of “Fool’s Day”, the first single from Blur in seven years? If not, you’ll be happy to know that the band have insisted that the track be made available as a free legal download on their website. We’d love to know what you did to celebrate RSD10, so leave a comment and let us know. Or, did you go to any of this weekend’s countless in-store gigs? If you took any photos whilst you were there, email them to us ( with the name of the band, record store, and location and we’ll post them in a Facebook album. Or post them on our Facebook page yourself, if you like (that’s allowed, right?).

I hit the shops early (for a Saturday) and queued up at Magnolia Thunderpussy in Columbus to meet Ben Folds and to express my appreciation for his use of the term “tritone substitution” on network television. I also got him to sign some Record Store Day paraphernalia, which will ultimately be among the prizes in our upcoming contest, so start getting excited (but not too excited, it’s just a bumper sticker—which reminds me, we’d still love to have more prizes to give away, so if you’re a band or a label and you want some product distribution with a competitive edge, send it our way, please).

After my brief meeting with Mr. Folds, I popped down the street to Used Kids to catch a few local bands. Yes, Super Desserts were among them. It was a fun show (as always) though the set was short and the lineup thin. Unfortunately, I missed Bird and Flower before that, as I was stuck for far too long trying to make a left turn out of the Magnolia parking lot onto High Street. Moon High, who took the (tiny) stage after Super Desserts were well worth seeing, with one of the most interesting instrument set-ups I’ve ever seen for a band with four members (guitar, banjo, drums, flute, autoharp, and an organ-style bass pedal board). I am not even going to mention the name of the other artist I saw on account that it was the single most embarrassing sets I have ever had the misfortune to witness (worse yet, I can’t figure out who I am more embarrassed for, the man on stage or myself for sitting through every painful moment with the ridiculous hope that it might get better).

So, let us know how your Record Store Day went down. And, if you’ve got any photos, send them our way. Here’s hoping that, some day soon, every day is Record Store Day.


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