if you’re not in love with the christmas songs that are just too sad to sing

So after my terror at seeing someone has changed my laptop  background to a photo of Lady Gaga wearing a dress made of Kermit dolls (thanks, Josh, and also, at least she is wearing something), I decided that I’m not in the mood to post anything too serious, and it is a good night to post about more Christmas music that you will most certainly LOVE even if you are a complete Scrooge!  Even if it isn’t as serious as Evening Hymns, which I promise I will write about soon (my promises mean very little, sorry), you will SERIOUSLY love it.  Mwahaha I’m amusing.

Eric and I have somewhat different Christmas music sentiments, but when it all comes down to it, I think we both agree that in general, Christmas music is so completely different from what we normally listen to, and what we ever really want to listen to, that what’s the point of listening to it?  If Christmas music is going to suck, I don’t care if it’s about Christmas and I love Christmas, I’m not subjecting myself to it.  Mariah Carey & Bing Crosby don’t count.  Anyway, but then he and I both found some fabulous Christmas albums that sound like the kind of music we already really like to listen to but they are about Christmas and also they are kind of funny, so, hurray!  Here’s another album for you to purchase and obsessively listen to all the way through Christmas!

A Very Cherry Christmas v. 5 (thanks, Cherryade!), although perhaps a bit irreverent at times, is the most fun and clever Christmas album I’ve ever heard.  It includes artists I’ve never even heard of which is awesome, as well as The School, Das Wanderlust, Foxes!, Shrieking Violets, etc.  Thankfully, it isn’t overproduced; on the contrary, some of it sounds like the musicians had some wine and decided to record something seasonal, and to be honest, that kind of music is quite alright with me.  Whatever indie leanings you have, A Very Cherry Christmas accommodates.  My personal fave is twee, more affectionately known to me as “tweeeeeeeeeeee!” so I very much enjoy “Let Me Be the Fairy,” “What the Hell,” and “The Escape From Aled Jones.”  But no worries, there’s something for everyone…folk, punkish, electronic, cathartic, and just plain weird.  I swear I hear ukelele on more than one song on this album, and the recurring oompah theme, the bells, and the occasional choir backing makes everything feel so seasonally amusing that I don’t even want to scream when I hear it.  There is even a poem and a story/interview.  They are gems, let me tell you.

Here is another thing I love about this album: it says what we are all thinking.  It’s a bit irreverent, yes, but Christmas as a whole has become a little more than a bit irreverent, so I pretty much really enjoy the precious love songs, the sad lonely break-up songs (go ahead, tell Santa your problems), the songs about the magical qualities of snow and the lameness of mistletoe, and the songs about having to spend time with family you don’t like.  Thankfully, I like my family, but still.  I love Christmas and Christmas lights and making cookies and buying presents for people…but still.  This is clever and cynical, so I like it.  Also, I’m not sure how to bring it up, but the Tyrannosaurus Rex song is awesome.

So, thanks, I guess, for saying what we’re all thinking.  We all want someone to pull crackers with, and we want to do it to music that doesn’t suck.  Garrett, if I could get you anything for Christmas, I would get the Academy to give you an Oscar for your movie ideas because even though you haven’t built a single set, I know it’s my favorite movie yet.  And can we spend our first Christmas in space?  And Christmas involves a lot of drinking.  I learned this in London, and so these songs are pretty relevant.  Why deny it?  Happy Christmas, everyone.  Check it out on iTunes–the tracks are a bit switched up, but you’ll figure it out.  And read more here.


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