wearing lampshades & onesies has never been cooler

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Happppppppy Monday!

(I know things are way less funny when I have to explain them… I always seem to have to…but did you guys see the 30 Rock Valentine’s Day episode with Rachel Dratch playing Jack’s hooker and she’s like, “Happppy Valemtime’s!” in the most sloppy drunk voice ever?  Because that’s the voice I was referencing.   Happpppppy Monday!”)

My ipod-in-the-car thing broke and lately I’ve been listening to music a) at home and b) at work, which has greatly limited my music-listening time.  I spend a lot of time driving.  Anyway, so lately my work music has been 6 little songs by Lulu & the Lampshades.  Lulu & the Lampshades is from London and I get the impression that sometimes they wear lampshades and maybe onesies?  But maybe not always?  But Lulu & Luisa & Jemma & whoever the crap else is in the band (I’m very confused about this) make me grin because their voices are so lovely and soulful, and they are paired with great sounds SUCH AS ukelele sounds, and also apparently melodica/accordian sounds.

Here’s the deal.  The dynamic girl duo bit reminds me of First Aid Kit, which I love.  The acoustic style of “Cherry Coke” and “Something New” remind me very much of Jaymay.  Their accents remind me of Kate Nash (oh whatever, I’m a stupid American, I even listen to Pink sometimes).  But you know what is really fantastic?  As much as I love acoustic, folk, coffeehouse stuff, they are not all/only that.  For instance, “Impasse” follows no generic structure…just some strums and “ooh ahhs” and some words, too.  I know when I explain it you think “oh that sounds like coffeehouse to me” but you’re wrong, and you should just listen to it.  On “Elastic Limbs” you will pee yourself because the melodica and/or accordian (sorry I can’t tell the difference, really.  My music major didn’t focus much on these two particular instruments, although my friend Wesley does play the accordian and I am wondering now why I didn’t think of this when planning my wedding*) is so freaking awesome!!!!  The sound is really something special.

And, here is something cool, Lulu & the Lampshades has a new single out, and it’s called “Feet to the Sky,” and I think it is PERHAPS my favorite of the songs on their myspace.  It’s pretty catchy, but not in a way that pisses me off.  There are hand claps and precious lyrics and tempo changes–I love tempo changes because no one ever seems to make use of them in anything other than instrumental music.  And all in all, these girls are quite talented and fab and I want you all to listen to them immediately.

*Speaking of weddings, I’m getting married in November (7th, actually) and Eric is going to need help posting for about a week.  Any takers?

Finally, if you read nothing else, at least WATCH this video.  It is the reason these guys are my new heroes.  I used to play this game when I was…12 or something?  But I sure as hell couldn’t do this.  I think also it is a drinking game…that I need to play.  ASAP.

One thought on “wearing lampshades & onesies has never been cooler

  1. I love this. I’m sure I’ve seen these guys in NME and wondered what it was all about. If theyu’re Londoners I’ll make a point to go see them. Thanks, Kristin

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