We haven’t celebrated Follow An Indie Band Wednesday in quite awhile, so why not pick it back up again (at least for this week, I’m not much for committing)?

dunno who took it but robin murray posted this pic on clash music
dunno who took it but robin murray posted this pic on clash music

First up tonight is Sky Larkin, lovely people from Leeds who play rock’n’roll.  I used to not love girl singers (excuse me, FEMALE VOCALISTS) because…I don’t know why, they were boring or I was jealous or something, but that was back in my stupid days, and now I appreciate them exponentially, especially when they are not just cute fun poppy twee but are kick ass rock’n’roll!!  I would say Sky Larkin is pretty much both.  It’s no surprise I like them, as they are on the Wichita Recordings label along with some of our faves.  They’ve got a cool mix of peppy/grunge, and I like it.  They’ve also just announced a North American tour, and as I live in the middle of nowhere, they probably aren’t coming here, but maybe they’re coming to you.  Check out their myspace–I like “Antibodies” but it’s all fantastic.

it is important that you know this image is from!
it is important that you know this image is from!

Moving on to something a bit different.  Bombay Bicycle Club is also from the UK and they’re pretty great, too.  They’ve got the cathartic sound I’m always looking for, complete with harmonic progressions that imply some understanding of how music actually works, driving rhythms, freaking awesome (read: raw, not your usual boring) vocals, and lyrics like poetry.  I’m actually kind of mad that I’ve never heard these guys before.  You will be too.

also from!!  omg!!
also from!! omg!!

And finally, I admit that I’m cheating and didn’t find these guys on FAIBW, but I just heard The Jealous Sea the other day and have been listening to them at work.  They’re wonderful.  With The Jealous Sea (is the “the” supposed to be capitalized?  Have we come to a conclusion on this yet?), we’re entering the realm of true indie pop/I think we’re at least bordering twee.  The guy/girl vox are reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian with a bit more “guitar jangle.”  Mostly they’re just precious, with adorable little lyrics and melodies, and a bit of sass.  So, thanks guys.

The end.  You can watch this video of Bombay Bicycle Club if you want.  It’s pretty good, there’s Italian Ice Cream in it and boys in dorky jeans and everything.

P.S. My friend (slash this kid at the school where I work…haha, just kidding, Reid!  Except not about the school thing!) is playing a show in Virginia Beach Friday so if you do happen to live in the area, you should most definitely check it out.  Annnd here is a link to the Tangier Island myspace page, because despite being like a month old and having only one recording, they are actually really talented.


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