I love fun.!

Ok, all you who are broken-hearted because of the Format’s break-up, come to The Indie Handbook and we will give you rest.  We have all been waiting so patiently for fun.’s album, Aim and Ignite, trying to subdue our anxious ears with “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be),” but now is the time to rejoice because the album is here! It is here for real tomorrow, and it is here now streaming on their myspace page!

We’ve talked about these guys before because Eric got to see them live which makes me so jealous  I could scream, so you probably already know that fun. is the collaboration of the Format’s Nate Ruess, Anathallo’s Andrew Dost, and Steel Train’s Jack Antonoff.  And ohh my gosh their album is streaming.  Am I over eager?  (no such thing).

I’ve heard mixed feelings about fun. from friends who saw them live and have streamed Aim and Ignite, and I have to agree most with a friend who said that their name truly fits them–they’re really just a lot of fun to listen to, and probably even more fun to see live.  To the assertion that they’re not catchy enough, I must disagree.  After listening to Aim and Ignite, I would say that fans of the Format’s Dog Problems will appreciate this album the most.  I’m sure fun. would rather not be constantly compared to the Format (sorry!) but I hear definite stylistic parallels between the melodramatic structure shifts and incredible orchestration in the two albums.

I have no idea if fun. claims Queen as an influence, and maybe I’m committing some kind of musical treason in saying this, but I hear elements in Aim and Ignite that are very reminiscent of Queen–strong lead singer, complex orchestration, a tendency towards the anthemic, raw emotion, and a general songwriting courage…there’s no shrinking from drama here, but somehow it isn’t kitschy or annoying–it’s awesome, actually.  Could fun. be the next Queen?  I don’t know.  I’m just sayin’.

So now let’s play a game called, listen to Aim and Ignite and tell us your favorite song on the album.  I can’t pick just one, but I really enjoy “Benson Hedges” (kind of an interesting gospel influence that you also hear  a bit in “Barlights”) and “I Wanna Be The One.”  And I still love “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be),” even though it isn’t so new.


3 thoughts on “I love fun.!

  1. i love the song the gambler and take your time (coming home). or at least i think those are the titles, im too lazy to double check. this cd has been playing none stop in my car ever since i downloaded the leak. which isnt my fault because at the time i thought the cd had already been out.
    anywho. great review, i love fun.!

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