Making Flannel A-Okay

Dear & the HeadlightsIt was my birthday! So, thanks guys (and especially Eric), for letting me take the week off. Further into my twentysomethings I plunge…

But for now, something a little different. Eric and I aren’t really Vans Warped Tour kinds of people. Our tastes differ, but for the most part I think it would be safe to say that we’re more laid back, a bit experimental, and not very interested in whatever genre Warped Tour generally presents. I may be making enormous generalizations here, but guess what? It’s a freaking blog. I will make generalizations and you will argue with Dear 2them in the comment section and I will be stubborn and laugh. Just kidding, I’ll actually cry because I care a lot about what you think.

Speaking of self-awareness (which I love so much to do)…

even though Vans Warped Tour isn’t really our (or my) thing, I probably would have paid to see Dear & the Headlights if it hadn’t been on a weekday. One of my first reviews on this dear blog was of their sophomore album, Drunk Like Bible Times. And despite my feelings about Warped Tour (= OVERRATED), I’m glad for Dear & the Headlights because as far as I can tell, they really aren’t very well known and they really do deserve to be. Then again, the general public is mostly stupid and can’t appreciate the Headlights’ (the Dears’? How do you shorten this?) incredible, mocking wit and sincere, not overdone, sentimentality.

Dear 3Thanks times a million to Alex Denny, who works for 96X, a local radio station, and got these fantastic photos and an exclusive video for me.  It made me feel a little better about not being there.  I would also like to make a statement about the flannel, as they are definitely wearing it correctly.  Many people (Fleet Foxes) don’t.  You get to feeling like Dear & the Headlights doesn’t really care about making a statement with anything but their snarky lyrics, and that sincerity/intelligence is what we truly appreciate about the musicians we love.

Apologies times a million to the people in the crowd who are in this video–I know it is my nightmare to unknowingly (or knowingly, really) be in one of these looking the way most people look at concerts–sweaty. It’s okay, we don’t know who you are.

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