I have seen the future…

Lindale, Texas is a small town, about the size of my little liberal arts college, and, from what I’ve read, with likely similar theological inclinations. It is also the home of Dana Halferty, the mastermind behind Parlours. Yes, it is a small project–just a few demos–but you would do well to pay attention. “Bobby on Repeat” is one terribly promising track (you may recall that it finished well in my best songs of 2009 list last week). With it’s long, slow build and lyrics sometimes surreal (“Prairie dogs in the ocean / burrowing out their new homes”) and sometimes heartbreakingly earnest (“I don’t mean to intrude now / but I feel like you need a friend / and God knows I’m always looking / ’cause I could use a few of them.”), it reminds me of an Audrye Sessions live show. If Ms. Halferty has a few more of these up her sleeve, it’s only a matter of time before Paste will think they have hit on something.

The MySpace page says: “I live in a community, and really love the dynamic aspects of what community entails and demands or even draws out of the inner most self. I think this carries over into music as well, so it’s what I try to do here — incorporate & involve as many new and old friends as I can to be part of this creation together. You know, just growing closer as friends, brothers, sisters, humans.” (It sounds like maybe we should start considering our own American version of the In a Cabin With… project.)

If only for those words, you may rest assured that, no matter popular she gets (and the potential is considerable, if that is what she wants), Parlours–and Dana Halferty–will never be the butt of one of my jokes.


2 thoughts on “I have seen the future…

  1. she describes perfectly how we feel writing & recording music in our tiny little adirondack mountain town….

    please, a north american ‘in a cabin with’ project would be supremely cool!

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