We’re Having A Quaint Affair With Malta…

This week we are, anyway.  And I am here to give you our second Malta Week post!  So get excited.  Before I talk about the Beangrowers, though, I’m going to give you a few facts about Malta.  In case you are wondering.

1. Malta is located off the coast of Sicily, in the Mediterranean…they are an archipelago!  I love that word, btw.
2. They are newly independent, as they have only been a Republic since the 70’s.
3. Yes, Maltese is a language.  I know, I didn’t know that either.
4. I have never met anyone from Malta.  That is a fact.  Not a  very relevant fact, but whatever.
5. Malta has its own Wiki page (duh, who doesn’t?  Oh wait, The Indie Handbook doesn’t…) so if you want any more facts, I suggest you read it.  It’s not that hard, people.  But only after you read our Malta Week posts.

Tonight we are featuring the Beangrowers!  When I heard the name “Beangrowers,” I thought their music would be cutesy twee, like wannabe Belle & Sebastian…I think this has something to do with Jack & the Beanstalk…but anyway, their music is definitely not twee.  In fact, the Beangrowers may be one of the sexiest bands we have reviewed so far.  The Beangrowers are a trio with a female singer, which is probably one of many reasons that their sound triggers thoughts of Stars or the Raveonettes, although their sound has a bit more grunge than either and Alison Galea’s voice is a bit stronger and more sinewy.  If you like sexy, synthy indie rock that’s a bit rough around the edges…well then, check them out.  And if not, then don’t worry, we’ve got a couple more days of Maltese music!

Even though “Not In A Million Lovers” is their big-deal single, I like “You Are You Are” better, and so that is the video I’m posting.  (You’ll also notice even their lyrics are very bow-chicka-bow-wow)  For more, check out their myspace or official website!

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