Something to like about today.

Sometimes I don’t like anything about Wednesdays.  Today was especially rancid as far as Wednesdays go.  And yet, here is something to make Wednesdays better:

Follow An Indie Band Wednesday! (exclamation point mine)

The list of things I like about Twitter is growing.  Visit and search “#faibw” — here is what you find: all of the indie cred you ever wanted!  People post links of their favorite indie bands, often unsigned, and even tons of free downloads, and they put “#faibw” at the end of their post.  That way, when you search for it, you get all of these indie music posts!  You can even play a fun game called “How Indie Am I?” where you count all the artists you know, and then marvel at your own ignorance.  Here’s a tip–make yourself feel better by hiding it from your friends, and then name-dropping all the bands they don’t know!

Just kidding.  I obviously think you should share the wealth.  Sorry for the sass, it was a bad day!  Here are some highlights from Follow An Indie Band Wednesday!

The Secret Life of Sofia — slightly minimalistic (makes me think of Phillip Glass), great lyrics (check “Moose Collision”), dark and delicate, quiet energy…the video is cool, too.

Michou — Canadian folk-rock, lovely voice, adorable lyrics (a bit sappy at times, but not obnoxious, so that’s always a plus for me), interesting & subtle harmonies (not your same ole same ole!), also is that trumpet and violin I hear?…”Control” reminds me of an acoustic Panic! and I also particularly enjoy “St. Mary’s Park” and “In Passing,” but that’s just the kind of day it’s been, now isn’t it?

Snowsera — keep your eye on these guys, they probably won’t be “indie” for long, but they’ve got a cool sound, comparable to The Hush Sound, Maroon 5 (ish), and Bitter Things (did you see this post?).  You get the impression that they really like to rock out.  For your viewing pleasure:

The Substitutes — And finally, as my descriptions get lamer because my laptop is dying and so is my attention span, here is a band we somehow skipped during Dutch Week and also the lead singer’s voice sounds like Conor Oberst.  Check out “Summer’s Here Kids,” because geez kids, it pretty much is.  Apparently Paste Magazine likes them; it won’t kill you to give them a listen.

There are your highlights for F.A.I.B.W.  Take advantage of them.  Spread the indie love, because indie is all about the love (read: it is not about impressing your friends or making other people feel stupid (unless they are)).  Tune in next Wednesday for more!!


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