Decent People Know When to Stop

Like I needed one more excuse to go to California, now I have Alex & Sam.  Although their names are both oddly asexual, they are a boy and a girl and they are cute.  They went to Berklee, which is awesome, and probably why they are so talented.  They are unsigned, and I don’t know why.  Probably because no one is good enough to sign them.

Alex’s voice gives me flashbacks to Elliott Smith, and maybe the style could be compared to Smith’s “Say Yes” or “Whatever” with its soft acoustics, but Sam’s voice is more along the lines of jazz; you can imagine the combination–down-to-earth folk sophistication.  If they were going for creating their own unique sound (or, as the L.A. Times suggests, their own genre)…well, they’ve succeeded.  Not only are they the definition of lovely in every breath and strum, but their lyrics are wonderfully honest and hopeful.

“Sounds Like This” is Alex & Sam’s EP, most of which you can hear on their myspace.  I really enjoy the feel of the strings and the trumpet on “Laura,” the precious lyrics on “Old Man in Me,” the lovely, floating melody of “Buy Your Side,” and Sam’s vocals + muted trumpet on “See You Through,” but really, there isn’t one track you won’t love.

And you probably forgot what summer sounds like. Good thing Alex & Sam are here to remind you. Have a listen.


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