More married bands

I’ve been finding so much amazing music coming out of Holland lately (who knew?) that I think I may unofficially declare next week “Dutch Week”. So, if Kristin is ok with it, we will have Dutch week in honor of bands like the Very Sexuals and NEONBELLE and this beautiful Dutch girl I used to know who won’t return my messages anymore.

Speaking of people who won’t acknowledge my existence, you ought to head over to MySpace and check out The McMakens, even though they have (apparently) failed to accept my offer of virtual friendship on multiple occasions. I’ve been a fan of the McMakens since before they were the McMakens. They really are a joy to see live (their rendition of “Wade in the Water” is a particular favorite of mine) and the chemistry between them is undeniable (which probably influenced their decision to get married). They have been at work on their first album as of late, which, I hear, is currently in the mixing stages. You can be sure we will have more on that as the project draws nearer completion.

For now, head over to their MySpace and check out the few tracks they have there. I am, and always have been, an adamant fan of “Prayer for Marriage”. Their mix of jazz, folk and blues (that really does sound like “a cup of tea, a warm fire, and a good book on a rainy day”) will appeal to fans Over the Rhine and maybe even a little of the Peekers.

And if you like what you hear, then head over to their official site, for the blog and all sorts of other fun stuff, and catch them live with Sara Masterson at Cab’s in Glen Ellyn, IL on 23 April.

**EDIT** It appears that the McMakens have not received any of my friend requests. MySpace needs to get their act together.

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