The Happy Hollows take a cue from Radiohead

First off, thanks to our friends at The Poptimist for the write up this evening. They had some nice things to say about us (as do we about them). Go check out their serious assortment of glorious randomness, perfect for the budding Dadaist in all of us. (Personally, I’ve got my eye on one of those Jenga pistols.)

I listen to a lot of bands with cute girls in them. If I have no other information to go by, these are the bands I will choose. (Don’t judge. That’s my job.) I have been listening to The Happy Hollows today. I stumbled across the band at RCRD LBL earlier this week (yes, I was browsing band photos, if you must know). Imagine my surprise when I found one their EPs, Bunnies and Bombs which got the attention of the L.A. underground scene upon it’s release in 2006, in the clearance bin at a used bookstore this afternoon. They released another EP titled Imaginary about six months ago (if Amazon’s dating is accurate). A few of those tracks can be downloaded for free at the RCRD LBL page, or name your own price at the band’s MySpace.

I hesitate to even describe this music, because I will undoubtedly sell them short. It has a cerebral streak. The song structures are unorthodox and there is plenty of (intentional) dissonance which always makes me happy. There is a touch of garage punk and noise here. Do yourself a favor and at least have a listen. Personally, I’m digging “Tambourine” right now. This is perfect for fans of The Joy Formidable (we will get to them later) and bands with cute girls in them.

Oh, and they’re on Facebook, too.


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